LibertyKite 40m²

7 950,00 HT

Launch Control LibertyKite® 40m2 is a traction system comprising a kite wing and a deployment and retrieval system. We also conduct a study with our teams and provide guidance to optimize the installation of LibertyKite® on your boat and tailor it to your navigation program. It’s essential for ocean crossings and transoceanic deliveries; in favorable winds, it allows you to enjoy silence, save on mechanics, increase your visibility, and enhance your safety.

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Its price includes a deck study and a two-day training, conducted by our teams who assist you in optimizing the installation of LibertyKite® on your boat and adapting it to your navigation program

Technical specifications
40 m²Wing size
5,3 kgWing weight
9 à 18 mBoat length
10-25 knotsRecommended Wind Range for Takeoff
10 mmLine diameter
33 mLine lengths
55 x 35 x 14 cmBag dimensions
Deck study

A preliminary analysis is conducted to check the compatibility of the LibertyKite® with your vessel based on your projects. This step aims to identify any potential obstacles and determine the appropriate wing size.

The deck plan study involves suggesting one or several possible configurations for the traction and mooring points on the boat’s deck.

It also takes into account the arrangement of lines based on existing structural elements and the specifications of additional equipment often required.

This deck study is included in the price of wings of 40m² and above.

Our training

The two days of training include the following elements:


  • Onboard Installation Inspection, conducting preliminary sea tests, and confirming various adjustable parameters.
  • Initial crew training and the development of a personalized growth plan aimed at achieving optimal autonomy.
  • Ongoing support with a remote trainer (travel and onboard accommodation expenses are not included

User’s manual

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