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How fast can my boat sail with the LibertyKite®?

The LibertyKite® is a safety device that allows you to move all types of boats with an engine failure. The speeds reached are never very high but depend mainly on the type of hull of the boat. For example, on an outboard: count 2-3 knots, on a pinasse: 3-4 knots, on a 10 meter sailboat: 4-5 knots.

Will I have control over the course of the boat?

On an outboard, you can steer the boat by simply steering the engine. On other boats, you will have to use the helm.

Can I go upwind?

Yes, if you have a keel or a daggerboard. Otherwise with a motor boat you can sail in crosswind.

Do you have to be a sailor or kitesurfer to use the LibertyKite?

No. You can operate the LibertyKite® with two people at first and then learn how to use it easily by studying the tutorials and instructions provided. You can start on the beach to practice. We remind you that it is important to comply with the safety instructions.

It is dangerous ?

You are sailing in a natural environment that is the sea, with its inherent risks such as falling into the sea. Depending on the configuration and weather conditions, it is necessary to wear a vest or harness and gloves as soon as the wind is a little strong to stay safe.

Does LibertyKite fit all boats?

The choice of LibertyKite® and the kite you need depends on the size of your boat and your ability to send it:

  • for a boat less than 7 metres long: 1 wing of 10 m²
  • for a boat between 7 and 18 meters: 1 wing of 20m².
  • for a boat longer than 18 metres: 2 wings of 20m² each
Does the LibertyKite® have to be continuously controlled?

No. Once set, the LibertyKite® is autonomous and flies in balance on its own and in a self-stable way.