® LIBERTYKITE by Yves Parlier

LIBERTYKITE® is a product of Océa : start-up based in the Arcachon Bay, founded in 1992 and managed by the famous French navigator Yves Parlier.  Océa aims to integrate a rapidly developing economic market, responding to the need to reduce the ecological footprint through innovative energy-saving processes in new technologies. To achieve this, the company is surrounded by a network of nearly sixty partners, including engineering schools and research laboratories.

“After my dismasting, it became clear to me that a solution had to be found. As a nature lover, I have made the wind my ally to create a wing capable of helping any sailor in case of distress. I thought it could also be an ecological and economical way to navigate. LibertyKite was born,” says Yves Parlier  

In 2007, Yves Parlier and his team became interested in the traction of boats by kite. Together, they think about a kite wing, a rescue wing in case of engine failure or dismasting. After years of research and development, they created the first traction wing for recreational boats: the LIBERTYKITE®. Its commercialization began in 2017. Made in France, it is manufactured in collaboration with the French companies Cousin Trestec® and Porcher Industries®.

About Yves Parlier

With his experience as a navigator, his participation and victories in many races testifies to this:

  • La Route de l’Or
  • La Transat Jacques Vabres
  • La Route du Rhum
  • La Transat Anglaise
  • La Route du Café
  • La Solitaire du Figaro …

But also thanks to his training as a composite materials engineer, Yves Parlier has developed these different projects around kitesurfing.

It was during his third participation in the Vendée Globe that the idea of kite wing traction emerged. After having dismasted off the Kerguelen, Stewart Island Bay welcomed her for two weeks of repair. Once his mast has been repaired, he resumed the race and arrived at the end of 126 days, 23 hours and 16 minutes of sailing, in 13th position in the ranking.

On July 14, 2002, his courage was honoured with the medal of the Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur. Yves Parlier is, like Eric Tabarly, a visionary skipper who participates in the evolution of high-level sailing. He has created new and effective solutions in fields as varied as naval architecture, the use of composite materials, or the development of navigation aid systems.

More informations : parlier.org

About Beyond the Sea®

At the same time, the former navigator created Beyond the Sea®, which adapted the kite wing system, piloted by a computer system, to merchant navy cargo ships. In partnership with CMA CGM: world leader in freight transport, the objective is to achieve fuel savings of up to 20%.

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About Kitetender


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