Onboard our kite traction laboratory catamaran, the SeaKite, we test all our wings! Not only the automated SeaKite wings but also our self-stabilizing LibertyKite wings!

Here, in action on the Bassin d’Arcachon, is our best seller, the 40m² LibertyKite LC, designed for safety and the sheer pleasure of sailing effortlessly with the wind on all types of boats.

Launch Control LibertyKite 40m² is a traction set comprising a kite wing and a launching and retrieval system.

Do you own a boat, no matter what kind, and want to experience the joy of sailing differently, with a kite wing?

Try our LibertyKite as well!

Below is a demonstration of sending a 40m² LibertyKite wing using the launch control tool developed by the Beyond the Sea team. This maneuver was performed on the Bassin d’Arcachon aboard Le SeaKite catamaran.

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